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If you watched Mad Men this past season then you might get a chuckle out of the title of this post. You might have a song stuck in your head. You might being thinking how cute Megan Draper is and how much Don does not deserve her.  To be honest I had a hard time coming up with something that was not totally boring to title this post…you know, “Mad Men Styled Shoot,” “Minnesota Mad Men.” Then this hit me, and even though not everyone will get it, I do. And it reminds me of when my husband is trying to be silly and he’ll start crooning this tune à la Megan Draper to me.

This was such a fun collaboration. I  randomly met Elizabeth last year while shopping at…yup…Baby Gap! When I saw that Banana Republic was coming out with a second edition line of Mad Men inspired clothing I wanted so badly to shoot a styled session using clothing from the collection. I adore the fashion, hair, makeup, interior design, and dry humor that Mad Men is chock full of. Needless to say it was a rough five hundred and twenty five days between the end of season four and beginning of season five of Mad Men. And now here I am already anxiously awaiting for season six to begin.

I was giddy beyond belief when Elizabeth said she and Russ were down to enter my crazy world and do the shoot. Elizabeth picked out all of her clothing from the Banana Republic Mad Men line and styled Russ in attire that echoed the line for men. I did some antiquing to pick up jewelry and purses. Next my dear friend and amazing hair and makeup artist Angel Popowitz stepped in and styled Elizabeth’s hair and makeup. Elizabeth has ultra long hair which wasn’t a huge trend in the mid to late 1960’s. After a bit of research we found some inspiration for Angel to work from, and she did such an amazing job. And the makeup? Absolutely perfect. Simple streamlined yet heavy eyes and basic lips.

Thanks to everyone involved! Elizabeth and Russ for putting up with my craziness, Angel for jumping on the bandwagon, and my friend Stephanie for toting around my stuff during the shoot.

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