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Meet Christina

I'm Christina. I'm a self confessed eye shadow addict. Nothing helps me get through the doldrums of winter like some bright and shiny shadow. I also have an affinity for big and sparkly costume jewelry. I have a love-hate relationship with succulents and other small house plants. Most of them fear me because they know sooner or later I will probably unintentionally kill them.

I love hand embroidering vintage style flour cloth towels and baby onesies. I have a nerdy fascination with the history of kings and queens. Marie Antoinette is my favorite. So favorite in fact that my daughter's middle name is Antoinette and Sofia Coppola's Marie Antoinette is my favorite movie.

Photography is a big part of my heart and soul. There's nothing more I love than capturing the connection and joy between people.

I'm located in the Twin Cities, MN
Questions? Let me know!